What Sets Us Apart

We understand the importance of choosing an orthodontic office that truly cares about the quality of service it provides. That is why we go to great lengths to make sure that your experience with us is a pleasant one. Dr. Chad is dedicated to providing his patients with the most up-to-date and individualized orthodontic care. Though we take our work seriously, we pride ourselves in doing it in a fun way!  We want you to enjoy coming to see us and to feel comfortable with the treatment you receive.

Personal Attention

Dr. Chad is personally involved from start to finish in each patient’s treatment.  He will be the one to sit down with you during your first appointment to identify the problems and make treatment recommendations.  He will be the one that delivers every appliance and place every bracket. Dr. Chad will also be the first to congratulate you when you have successfully completed treatment and let you know when the braces are ready to come off.

Dr. Chad is not just interested in making his patient’s teeth straight, he is interested in his patients and he wants them to succeed. He enjoys visiting with them at their appointments and staying up to date on their lives. Dr. Chad is available at each visit to answer questions and evaluate and discuss treatment progress.

We have many patients and families that have been so happy with our service that they have recommended us to their family members and friends! We even have some that have made their names and numbers available as references for our future patients!

To learn what other people say about Dr. Chad’s excellent care, please visit the testimonials page!


Dr. Chad has been trained in the use of the newest and most efficient orthodontic treatment modalities available today. He has studied closely with more than 30 orthodontists and has learned different techniques from each of them. From this broad range of experience, he is able to offer individualized treatment for each of his patients.

A goal of Dr. Chad’s is to provide the best treatment possible to each of his patients in the most efficient time frame. Sometimes, this means waiting to start treatment until the appropriate teeth have erupted into the mouth, while other times treatment may be recommended immediately.

To achieve his goal of providing exceptional results in a timely manner Dr. Chad uses the latest technology to assist in his treatment. This includes using the latest and most advanced orthodontic wires, some of which were developed by NASA, to apply a constant and gentle force to move the teeth into the right position. The use of these high tech wires often reduces the need to visit Dr. Chad’s office so frequently, allowing you to straighten your teeth in fewer appointments. In some situation’s a patient’s treatment may be advanced by the use of a dental laser. Dr. Chad has completed hundreds of hours of research and training using dental lasers and will be able to identify when this is the case. Using the laser in his office he will able to perform procedures that both increase the quality of treatment while simultaneously decreasing the length of treatment. Other times orthodontic TADs, or temporary anchorage devices, may be placed in an individuals mouth to control difficult tooth movements.

The Office

Our office is designed with our patients in mind. We are centrally located in Merced where many other healthcare professionals’ offices are also located for your convenience.

Our office has been professionally remodeled to offer our patients the newest technology and treatment options available. We take X-rays using the most modern digital machines, which decrease X-ray radiation exposure by 40-70% while also allowing image enhancements not available using film based X-rays. In addition, these images are available instantly for analysis and are transferable through electronic communication using our state of the art computer networking system.

The office incorporates the use of the latest audio visual technology to help communicate with patients and parents. Whether it is through high definition videos, photographs, images, or other teaching aides, Dr. Chad employs a wide variety of techniques to help explain and educate his patients so that they can make the best decisions about receiving treatment.

Our open treatment area is an enjoyable place where parents are welcome. Dr. Chad wants his patients and their families to feel comfortable when they come to his office. There are a number of games, magazines, books, and projects for those who accompany the patient to the office.

We keep up with the highest sterilization requirements to ensure that the instruments and tools we use with or patients meet and exceed the standards of the profession.


While it may take several months for your teeth to become straight, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have fun while waiting! Dr. Chad’s office is a fun place for patients and their families to be. In addition to games, magazines, books and projects, there are always regular contest to participate in. Some contests include: “Name that Smile”a test of your celebrity skills to see if you can identify famous people by their smiles;”EtchaSketch Contest”–test your hand eye coordination to create a picture using a toy from the 1960s; “Who is the Real Dr. Chad?”–using dry erase markers, decorate a picture of Dr. Chad to look like a pirate, a baseball player, or even a patient with braces.

Patients are also encouraged to participate in the Rowan’s Rewards Program, where they can earn tokens for commendable behavior. Exchange tokens at any times for Gift Cards to popular places.