Meet Dr. Chad


Dr. Chad was borned in Merced and is happy to be raising his family here among family and friends. Coming from a family of dentists, he grew up seeing his father, grandfather, and uncles improve the smiles and lives of those they treated and now he happily does the same for his own patients. Dr. Chad says that his favorite part of being an orthodontist is getting to know his patients, becoming their friend, and watching their transformation as their new smiles develop.

Dr. Chad is an active member of his church and works with its youth group.  He believes education is a key to opportunity and has worked closely with many local educators to give presentations in schools on learning important life skills as well as on proper oral health care.

Dr. Chad and his wife, Christy, have been married for seventeetn years and they have five energetic boys: Brent, Davis, Craig, Blake, and Tate. They love taking trips and exploring different parts of the country, especially those with historical significance.

The Rowan’s love spending time out doors together, whether its on the sports field, at the beach or in the mountains.  When sports are not in season they can often be found hiking or skiing together.

Education and Professional Associations

A Merced native, Dr. Chad attended both Merced and Golden Valley High Schools, graduating from the latter school’s inaugural class. He attended Brigham Young University where he majored in American Studies and graduated with honors after publishing a thesis on The American Dream Among Mexican Immigrants. Fluent in Spanish, Dr. Chad loves to travel and has spent considerable time in Mexico, Honduras, and other Latin American Countries.

Dr. Chad received his dental and orthodontic training at some of the finest universities in the United States. UCLA School of Dentistry’s scores and performance consistently ranks among the top three in the country. In addition to its excellent clinical reputation, the school’s research funding from the National Institute of Health is unparalleled.

Saint Louis University’s Center for Advanced Dental Education is a recognized leader in orthodontic training. It has produced more orthodontic graduates and orthodontic research awards than any other program in the world. The residency training program uses the latest technology and methods to train the residents in treating patients. Because of its renowned reputation, dozens of the most recognized orthodontic experts in the world come to lecture or are on faculty at the university.

Dr. Chad has served as a member of New Dentist Committee for the California Dental Association and participated in regular meetings in Sacramento to improve the understanding and transition of new dentists into the profession. He has also served in other leadership roles in the American Dental Association. In addition, Dr. Chad is a member of the American Association of Orthodontics, the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontics, and the Yosemite Dental Society.